Adventures in Quaran-tea-n

Image from Pixabay

I normally shop for my tea in local shops, but after several weeks of being shut in at home, one must go online.

Of course, I must blog about my favorite online tea stores, and my favorite teas from each.

T2 Tea

This shop has not just loose leaf tea and tea bags, but also tea accessories. I really recommend getting an infuser if you don’t have one already. They also have travel tea mugs!

Favorite tea: New York Breakfast. This is a lovely black tea with vanilla and cinnamon flavors. Vanilla flavored almond milk and sugar for this one.

August Uncommon Tea

Another wonderful online tea shop, this one has custom blends and does a lot of non-standard teas. If you’re looking for basics such as Earl Grey, they don’t have those but they DO have a lot of very tasty, creative blends.

Favorite tea: Black Metallic. This is a floral black tea with hints of violet and elderberry. Almond milk, sugar.

Simple Loose Leaf

At this site you can not only buy tea, but also get a very reasonably costed tea monthly subscription box. It’s a great way to sample all sorts of teas!

Favorite tea: Rose Grey Tea. Think Earl Grey boosted with rose petals, lavender flowers, and rosemary.

I welcome more tea in my life (always!) so feel free to give some shoutouts to your favorites online in the comments!

Fraterni-tea at the Tea Leaf

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Yesterday I was dragged, kicking and screaming, by my fellow alumni, to a fraternity event at the Tea Leaf in Waltham. Well. That’s a bit of a lie. Actually all I heard was the word “tea” and I was already in the car; I think there was a sonic boom.

Our fraternity is more of a “fraterni-tea” as teatime has been a tradition of ours since before my time there (they’re really my kind of people), so it made sense that in celebrating the weekend of our fraternity’s 100th birthday that we have tea.

So I happily got up early and got as much work as needed to be done before I got there, as the original idea was to be there for about three hours or so, and I had a feeling we would go past closing–which we did.

They do afternoon teas there, which involves many delicious sandwiches and pastries, none of which are vegan. However when the owner found out that anything containing eggs and dairy and meat were denied to me, she whipped up some mini vegan sandwiches containing red pepper tapenade and eggplant tapenade plus a beautiful fruit plate. I honestly just figured I would go there and enjoy the ginormous pot of extremely good Earl Grey and get full on that, but I managed to get full on those little sandwiches, the fruit, and approximately eight cups of tea.

The entire shop is filled with all kinds of excellent tea, teapots, mugs, and anything pertaining to tea. There is also some lovely jewelry there, and along with two containers of tea some teapot earrings managed to find their way into my shopping cart. Oops. It’s also a very nice, casual place, good to relax in and enjoy your tea.

Anyhow, I very much recommend the place and a good time was had by all. 🙂