Tips on getting more active without killing yourself

Always a good thing to know, right? 😉 How do you become more active, burn more calories, and be healthier…all without killing yourself?

Well, here are some of my tips particularly aimed at those of you, who like me, have a desk job:

  • 1) Take the stairs as opposed to the elevator or escalator. Unless you’re on the 20th floor of a building, there’s no excuse to take the elevator if you’re only on the second or third floor unless you have heavy and/or bulky bags or have an injury or disability.
  • 2) Get up! Seriously, get up, stretch, walk around. Drink water often, you’ll stay hydrated AND you’ll have multiple reasons for moving away from your desk.
  • 3) Stretch! Do some simple neck and shoulder stretching exercises. Do circles with your shoulders, back and forth.
  • 4) Do some exercises at your desk. These two links are saved permanently in my bookmarks in Chrome for a reason!
  • 5) If you drive, park farther away so you can walk more.
  • 6) Take public transportation if you can.
  • 7) Go for a walk, either around the building or inside. Just 10-20 minutes can get that motor going! If you can’t do that, walk up and down the stairs.