3 Day Refresh is now available!

Just came back from vacation and let good eating habits slip? Maybe went to a party, ate too many chips and had too much alcohol and feel funky? Perhaps you’re just looking to kickstart a fitness program, or get a bit healthier and slimmer before a major event.

This program will help you to shed body fat and bad habits! NO starvation! NO juice cleanses! Just healthy meals, Shakeology, and some supplements to get your body all cleansed up and ready to go. Just a great detox program that’s all of three days long and does not involve torturing yourself in any way, shape, or form!

It is now available and there is a challenge pack sale for the month of June and July! Yes, it IS vegan and you can choose vegan flavors of Shakeology upon checkout.



Direct links for 3 Day Refresh:

3 Day Refresh challenge pack with one month supply of Shakeology, on sale July only: http://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BCP3D160?referringRepId=38957

3 Day Refresh with just three day’s worth of Shakeology: http://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/3DayRefresh?referringRepId=38957

Dump the diet!




Dump the diet!!

I’m not kidding. Every time I see someone do some weird fad thing complete with strange rules like “don’t eat carbs after 5:37pm”, “only eat things that contain the color orange”, or anything peculiar like that, I want to weep. Eating healthy is not some obscure mumbo-jumbo and getting healthy isn’t something which can be done through temporary means or by engaging in anything extreme. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is trying to sell you something. My advice comes for free. 🙂

I’m going to boil this down to a science for you, and in a way that’s maintainable in the long term:

40% – Calories in, calories out. Need to lose weight or drop body fat? Then you need to burn less than you’re eating. Want to gain weight or build muscle? You need to be eating more than you’re burning. Looking to maintain? You need to break even.

40% – What you eat. 1500 calories of cookies is lacking the nutritional density of 1500 calories of whole foods. For the sake of moderation, aim for healthy eating 80-90% of the time and save the rest for the occasional indulgence. This way you can set up habits you can have long term.

20% – How active you are. This also helps with the calories in, calories out equation. And it’s not just about what you do at the gym but what you’re doing the rest of the day. Those of us with desk jobs struggle the most, and with good reason. My calories burned while sitting isn’t that much more than when I’m sleeping. Get up and move!


Looking for more health and fitness tips, or need support in your health goals? Sign up for free fitness coaching here: http://free.FitGeekFitness.com



Ultimate Reset: Day Two

Day two of the Ultimate Reset, done!

Verdict: even more tasty meals, and lots of energy! 😀

Reset your body, reset your life!

I’m continuing to recover from the patellar tendonitis (overtrained on plyo and hurt the tendon in my knee) and have been given doctor’s orders to start running (YESSSSS I can’t wait mwahaha), and I’m jumping back into Chalean Extreme and starting with the Lean phase next week. I had hoped to restart sooner, but such is life.

I plan to continue Chalean Extreme and my crazy walking schedule right up until the Avon Walk, then finish up the last bit of the Chalean Extreme until May 30th.

And what will I do on May 30th?

Yup, I’m starting the Ultimate Reset! It’s a 21 day cleanse/detox program which phases out meat, eggs, and dairy and gets people to reset their body based on a whole foods, plant based diet along with various supplements. Naturally that elimination is irrelevant for me since I’m vegan, but I think it’s pretty cool that people get to give a plant-based diet a try for the sake of their health. I’ve been hearing reports of people dropping absurd amounts of cholesterol points (20-50 points!), fat %, pounds (10-20 appears to be the average), eliminating health issues, you name it. I’d also like to be at my best before I dive into P90X2, which I plan to do once the reset is over.

Naturally being both vegan and a coach, I thought it’d be cool to get people join me on the reset journey and do a 21 day challenge group together. And those who are used to a more standard American diet with meat and dairy can get to try something new, and who better to do that with than someone who did a similar transition and stuck with it?

I suffer from severe environmental and seasonal allergies and wheat hates me. I’ve had an amazing amount of success with 5 day juice cleanses and did a 45 day detox/reset of my own last year. I think that this program will be interesting to try, and a wonderful challenge to embark on after walking a marathon and a half!

We deal with pollutants and toxins day in and day out, and I meet so many people who have crippling addictions to caffeine that I am now afraid to touch coffee and watch the caffeine content of the tea I drink. It absolutely scares me what people consider to be both “food” and a “healthy diet”, and I often wonder how much of the crap we breathe in, ingest, and are used to as part of a “normal” day inhibits our fitness goals, especially in the realm of weight loss and athletic performance.

If you want to give the reset a try with me, go here to learn more about the reset and/or join me for the ride. I begin on May 30th and am already armed with the shopping lists for what foods will be needed.