My Story

I was born and raised a geek. From the moment I emerged from my mother’s womb, I was fed a steady diet of Star Wars and Star Trek . At age six I got bored one day and went through some of my dad’s ancient computer collection, and found a Commodore 64 manual on this thing called “BASIC”. My reaction was, “Cool! I get to make my own games.” I had no idea I was setting the stage later to be a computer programmer as an adult, nor did I have any idea where I wanted to head with that until college. One summer I taught myself HTML, Javascript, and CSS on Notepad, and learned a year later that YES, I could be a computer programmer on the web. WOW!

Naturally many of my interests are sedentary: reading, writing, gaming (yes, I play World of Warcraft), computer programming, social media, you name it. I’m also a runner, lift weights, and enjoy yoga and Zumba classes.

I believe in balance, moderation, being happy and healthy, and drinking LOTS of tea. One of the best purchases I ever made was an electric kettle, and I find it baffling that so many Americans who like tea don’t have one.

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