Join my fitness challenge groups for PiYo or Les Mills Pump!

I am starting up two fitness challenge groups! Just pick the workout, get it from me, and you’ll automatically be a part of my challenge!

You have a choice between:



Les Mills Pump

Weights or no weights? Low impact versus high impact? Chalene Johnson or the Les Mills team? You decide!

Contact me for more information!

Join my Les Mills Pump fitness challenge!

Looks like there’s interest in a Les Mills Pump fitness challenge! So I’m looking to start one around July.

If you’d like in, contact me and I’ll give you the details. It’s a REALLY good fitness program, I absolutely love it! If you’ve ever attended a Bodypump class at your local gym, it’s based off of that and created by the same people.

Here’s a preview video:

More info here:

After the Avon Walk comes the workouts

I just finished up the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer last weekend! I did the full 39.3 miles over the course of two days. While it’s a wonderful cause and I enjoy doing it every year (this year was my fifth), the training for it is VERY time consuming and tedious. Walking can be a great calorie burn but it’s sooooo loooooonggggg. It leaves next to no other time for anything else. I miss my running, my lifting…my everything, really!

This week I restarted phase 1 of P90x3 AGAIN…I’ve been taken out of it three times already: once to train for the half marathon I ran in February (especially when I got posterior tibial tendonitis–ouch!), a second time when I fell and sprained my wrist, and then the third when I had to train for the Avon Walk. So to keep me on track AND not to get bored, I’ve been tacking on other workouts such as Les Mills Pump and a brand new one I’m giving a try, Body Beast! I am also running about 3-4 days a week in addition to other forms of cardio. The key is to get me to recovery week and phase two of P90X3 and follow that schedule more closely than I am for my umpteenth time doing phase 1 of P90X3.

Body Beast Build Chest & Tris is NO easy task. I am still sore in my pecs from the workout! Les Mills Pump is also a ton of fun and is helping to strengthen me to better tackle Body Beast. The rest is P90X3 Total Synergistics, X3 Yoga, etc.

I plan to blog more often about what I’m doing and how I’m handling the workouts, as I miss checking in and babbling about it. 🙂 I also plan to review all of the programs and let people know what I think about each of the workouts.

Plant strong women, unite!

Are you  a woman who is interested in bodybuilding, fitness, or weight lifting in general? Vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious?

I’ve started up a closed group on Facebook for us to collaborate, cheer each other on, and share the plant-strong love!

Lift those veggies!

You can join us here:

Finding your soulmate workout

Finding your soulmate workout is what trainer Chalene Johnson has talked about in her own lectures and writings. Basically the idea is this: find a way of being physically active which YOU enjoy. Not everyone is cut out to be a runner, a yoga enthusiast, a dancer, a cyclist…you get the picture. Some forms of physical activity you will enjoy more than others.

My advice is to experiment with different cardio and resistance training workouts until you find one which you really get a lot out of and will look forward to doing. Don’t get me wrong; some days you will want to workout more or less than others.

Everyone has their “off” days. Tip of the day: make your “off” days as seldom as possible and trick yourself into doing the workout  anyway. My personal strategy is this: I tell myself I’ll do the “first five minutes”. I have never, ever not done the full workout after getting into it for the first five minutes.

Sometimes however, no matter how much of a “high” you get once the workout’s complete, it’s just not your cup of tea. Try different ones. Find out what sorts of physical activity YOU enjoy. Is it running? Dancing? Kickboxing or other forms of martial arts based workouts? Competitive sports?

Whatever it is, find your bliss! And keep doing it!

My personal favorite is Les Mills Combat, close runners-up being Turbo Fire, running, and dancing. I’ve also just started doing Les Mills Pump in addition to Combat for more resistance training. I love love Les Mills Combat! I am on my third round of the program and I can’t get enough of it.

Workouts may be work, but they don’t have to be a chore! If you’re looking for tips, suggestions, and ideas on what sort of fitness program to do based on your interests and your fitness goals, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you out!