After the Avon Walk comes the workouts

I just finished up the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer last weekend! I did the full 39.3 miles over the course of two days. While it’s a wonderful cause and I enjoy doing it every year (this year was my fifth), the training for it is VERY time consuming and tedious. Walking can be a great calorie burn but it’s sooooo loooooonggggg. It leaves next to no other time for anything else. I miss my running, my lifting…my everything, really!

This week I restarted phase 1 of P90x3 AGAIN…I’ve been taken out of it three times already: once to train for the half marathon I ran in February (especially when I got posterior tibial tendonitis–ouch!), a second time when I fell and sprained my wrist, and then the third when I had to train for the Avon Walk. So to keep me on track AND not to get bored, I’ve been tacking on other workouts such as Les Mills Pump and a brand new one I’m giving a try, Body Beast! I am also running about 3-4 days a week in addition to other forms of cardio. The key is to get me to recovery week and phase two of P90X3 and follow that schedule more closely than I am for my umpteenth time doing phase 1 of P90X3.

Body Beast Build Chest & Tris is NO easy task. I am still sore in my pecs from the workout! Les Mills Pump is also a ton of fun and is helping to strengthen me to better tackle Body Beast. The rest is P90X3 Total Synergistics, X3 Yoga, etc.

I plan to blog more often about what I’m doing and how I’m handling the workouts, as I miss checking in and babbling about it. 🙂 I also plan to review all of the programs and let people know what I think about each of the workouts.

Last walking total update!!

Okay, here goes:

Monday 5/7: 10.5 miles
Tuesday: Semi-rest day, four hours of cleaning instead
Wednesday: genuine rest day!
Thursday: Ran/walked 1.5 miles, ran 1.5 miles
Fri-Sat lots of house chores
Sun: 20 mile walk
Mon: rest day
Tues: 1.5 mile run, another 1.5 mile run

Tonight and tomorrow are more walking, and Friday is…Event Eve!! I’ll be checking into my hotel for the Avon Walk, and will be aiming to walk the full marathon on Sat and half on Sun.

As for the fundraising total…*drumroll*


Thanks to everyone for their support, I could’ve have done this without you!

If you’d like to contribute, go here to donate

More walking totals plus Avon Walk fundraising update!

Tuesday 5/1: 13.1 miles
Wednesday: 8.5 miles
Thursday: Ran a mile, walked a mile
Friday: 12 mile walk
Saturday: 12 mile walk
Sunday: 17 mile walk

VERY close to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and still in training! It’s May 19-20th here in Boston.

And the grand total for the fundraising efforts so far is…$1,622! I’ve pledged to raise a minimum of $1,800 towards the fight against breast cancer. The money goes not only towards research but to fund mammograms and help low income cancer patients.

It’s a wonderful cause, and well worth training for. Please consider donating and/or passing this blog post along:

Walking totals update!

I’m a bit behind in my walking total updates, but here you go!

Sat 4/21: rest day (birthday weekend with family)
Sun 4/22: rest day (actual birthday! I turned 21 for the 13th time. 😉 )
Mon 4/23: 11 miles
Tues 4/24: 10.5 miles
Wed 4/25: 11 miles
Thurs: 4/26: 11 miles
Fri: no walking, but four hours on dance floor 🙂
Sat: Fri’s dancing spilled over into this day…
Sun: 12 miles
Mon: 13.1 miles (yes, a half marathon!!)

I’m VERY close to my fundraising goal! As of this post, I’ve raised $1,122 out of my fundraising pledge of $1,800 for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! I’ll be walking a total of 39.3 miles over the course of two days, and it starts May 19th.

Funds go to support low income cancer patients, fund mammograms, breast cancer research.

If you’d like to support me, please either donate and/or send this blog post to others. The donation URL is here:

Reset your body, reset your life!

I’m continuing to recover from the patellar tendonitis (overtrained on plyo and hurt the tendon in my knee) and have been given doctor’s orders to start running (YESSSSS I can’t wait mwahaha), and I’m jumping back into Chalean Extreme and starting with the Lean phase next week. I had hoped to restart sooner, but such is life.

I plan to continue Chalean Extreme and my crazy walking schedule right up until the Avon Walk, then finish up the last bit of the Chalean Extreme until May 30th.

And what will I do on May 30th?

Yup, I’m starting the Ultimate Reset! It’s a 21 day cleanse/detox program which phases out meat, eggs, and dairy and gets people to reset their body based on a whole foods, plant based diet along with various supplements. Naturally that elimination is irrelevant for me since I’m vegan, but I think it’s pretty cool that people get to give a plant-based diet a try for the sake of their health. I’ve been hearing reports of people dropping absurd amounts of cholesterol points (20-50 points!), fat %, pounds (10-20 appears to be the average), eliminating health issues, you name it. I’d also like to be at my best before I dive into P90X2, which I plan to do once the reset is over.

Naturally being both vegan and a coach, I thought it’d be cool to get people join me on the reset journey and do a 21 day challenge group together. And those who are used to a more standard American diet with meat and dairy can get to try something new, and who better to do that with than someone who did a similar transition and stuck with it?

I suffer from severe environmental and seasonal allergies and wheat hates me. I’ve had an amazing amount of success with 5 day juice cleanses and did a 45 day detox/reset of my own last year. I think that this program will be interesting to try, and a wonderful challenge to embark on after walking a marathon and a half!

We deal with pollutants and toxins day in and day out, and I meet so many people who have crippling addictions to caffeine that I am now afraid to touch coffee and watch the caffeine content of the tea I drink. It absolutely scares me what people consider to be both “food” and a “healthy diet”, and I often wonder how much of the crap we breathe in, ingest, and are used to as part of a “normal” day inhibits our fitness goals, especially in the realm of weight loss and athletic performance.

If you want to give the reset a try with me, go here to learn more about the reset and/or join me for the ride. I begin on May 30th and am already armed with the shopping lists for what foods will be needed.