Clean Eating: the Revolution


How would you like to take part in a clean eating challenge?

For 30 days, you would be able to do the following:

  1. Take part in a small, private Facebook group with others like you who are looking for both motivation and accountability
  2. Drink Shakeology for either one of your meals, or as a snack daily
  3. Make smart substitutions versus drastic, unsustainable changes
  4. Find new ways to eat healthier on a budget
  5. Learn how to eat well in a busy world and schedule
  6. Change your life!

Joining Team Happy and Healthy is easy! By purchasing Shakeology from me and adding me as a Facebook friend, you are automatically invited to take part. No matter what your fitness and wellness goals are, this is a great chance to gain control over your health.

This is NOT a diet. This will NOT be about starving yourself, but about feeling great and gaining health.



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