Small changes = BIG results


In the world of microwaves and drive-thru dining, people can often be impatient for results and wind up turning to all sorts of crazy fad diets, crash diets, and extreme plans to get on track–but don’t plan for the long term in the process.

Small changes over time are really what’s key for any health and fitness plan. Here are some examples:

  • Parking further away from work and walking
  • Talking stairs as opposed to the elevator
  • Walking up and down on the escalator versus standing
  • Cutting out 100-200 calories daily from snacks and/or sugary drinks
  • Replacing soda with water or tea
  • Getting in a 10 minute workout in the morning as opposed to watching tv or being on the computer. There are some great workouts under 30 minutes which may be up your alley!
  • Swapping an unhealthy treat with a healthier version (baked potato fries as opposed to french fries, etc)
  • Having a healthy snack like Shakeology instead of ice cream, etc

As always, I’m here for anyone trying to make changes to their daily lives, whether it’s to gain or lose weight, build muscle, or just be on Team Happy and Healthy. Feel free to make me your fitness coach!

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