How to tell if you’re making progress (or not) in your fitness goals

There was some study done somewhere where it was determined that the majority of women rely on the scale to determine if they are successful in their fitness goals. If they’re doing strength training, they’ll wind up being VERY frustrated. Here’s why:


Muscle takes up less room for the same weight!

Here are all of the different ways you can tell you’re making progress with your fitness goals even without the scale:

  1. Measurements! Keep track of your measurements with measuring tape.
  2. Your clothes! How do they fit?
  3. Your energy levels! Do you feel better? Are you getting sick less?
  4. Your stamina! Are you able to do one more pushup than you used to do, even if you’re still on your knees?
  5. Your consistency! Are you able to stick to your workout schedule and your nutrition?
  6. Your eating habits! Are you finding yourself craving junk food less and healthy food more?
  7. Your pictures! Take before pictures and some “in between” or “in progress” pictures as you go. I’m willing to bet you’ll see a difference before you even see any changes with your measurements OR the scale.

It sometimes helps to keep a log not just of your food and your workouts but how you’re feeling: your moods, your energy level, etc.

If you find that none of these are happening, you may need to examine what could be the cause. It could be your exercise routine, your eating habits, or all of the above. I’ll cover that tomorrow! Stay tuned….

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