Drink your water!


It’s time for THAT post again: urging you to drink your water.

First of all, the whole “eight glasses a day” thing isn’t accurate, nor helpful. To determine how many glasses you need to drink, take your body weight, divide it in half, and drink that many ounces of water. Makes sense, right? The more body weight you have, the more water you’ll need. Of course when you workout and in hot water, you will sweat more and therefore will need to drink more.

Water aids digestion, metabolism, flushes toxins, assists in focus and concentration, helps your skin, and for those of you working out can aid you with muscle soreness from workouts and assist in recovery.

Don’t like water? Flavor it with fruit juice, cucumbers, etc. But drink it! I spent the two hours after the first day of the Avon Walk here in medical; they had to have two IV bags in me because apparently I started the walk mildly dehydrated and it went downhill from there. Trust me when I say that drinking water is way more pleasant than getting sick and having an IV in you. 😉

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