Eating healthy when pressed for time

The ideal for ANY fitness and health goal is to eat as little processed food as possible, or aim for minimally processed. I’ve had a larger challenge than usual in this in recent times: I am currently (but temporarily) working a seven day week. My hours on the weekends are LONG. I have had to fit my workouts where and when I can, but of course I don’t have much time (or any time) for cooking.

So what’s a health nut to do?

Time is the biggest lament, and I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to “test run” this scenario, as I often get a LOT of clients who have careers, kids, often multiple jobs, and very little time to do much of anything. Convenience foods, take out, ordering in…and bad habits and food choices can happen.

Here are my tips for how to cope with making smart choices:

  • For frozen meals, look for entries that have a reasonable amount of sodium. I would aim for 600 mg or less. I only pay attention to sodium, total fat, and total calories. I pretty much ignore the rest. The best options I’ve found are from Amy’s in both low sodium and Light & Lean.
  • For pre-prepared foods, I highly recommend Ezekiel 4:9 bread, Engine 2 brand foods (sold exclusively at Whole Foods), and bagged salads/lettuce mixes. Engine 2 has no added oils or any sort of crap; their hummus and veggie burgers are my staple.
  • Bento boxes! Toss in the bagged salad mixes, cook your veggie burgers and take them to work with some hummus, etc.
  • Meal bars are fab, but you HAVE to watch the sugar content on those. They can be brutal. My favs are Vega One, Luna, and Cliff Builder bars. NuGo is also organic and very good.
  • Smoothies are king. They have been my breakfast food for YEARS because they are fast, healthy, and nutritionally dense. I highly recommend giving Shakeology a try as it is nutritionally dense, all natural, no added sugars beyond what comes from the fruit, and is the best bang for your nutritional buck. It beats the crap out of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or McD’s ANY day and cost about as much if not less. Toss in your favorite form of milk and/or fruit and you’re good to go. While my blender is going, I toss in what I need for my lunch into my bento boxes, which go into my lunch bag.

If you want to give some Shakeology samples a try, contact me! I sell them for $5 a piece plus s/h.


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