How to cope with weight loss and fitness plateaus

I once did a blog post on plateaus and how to break them. Today I’m going to expand upon that and give more tips:

  1. Move more! Find ways to squeeze in an extra 5-15 minutes throughout your day versus one long, crazy workout. You’ll be less likely to overtrain and get injuries this way, too. More tips on increasing physical activity here.
  2. Log EVERYTHING. Use sites like and to track food intake. Make sure you’re getting enough nutrition.
  3. Consider getting a device such as a Bodymedia or FitBit to track calorie burn. You may be under or overestimating calorie burn, which can affect your performance and how valuable your diet is.
  4. Change up your routine! Avoid steady state cardio and try new ways of burning calories.
  5. Pump that iron! Try heavier weights or mix it up.

If your problem is motivation, consider getting an exercise buddy, join a fitness club, or consider one of them many online communities. I’m also available to you as a coach to help you with your fitness goals.



5 thoughts on “How to cope with weight loss and fitness plateaus

      • I was on a plateau when I was prescribed new medication. Unfortunately, I'm losing the steroid-assisted weight gain and almost look forward to another plateau.

        I realized that tweaking the routine helped the most, so another tweak is in session.

  1. Very constructive information Andrea! Loved to read out entire things weight loss and fitness plateaus. You showed some good ways to cope up with weight loss and currently I am trying to follow your instructions. So hopefully everything will well and expected from you that more information will come soon. Thanks

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