At long last…I bring you Alchemy & Balance Coaching

What, you might ask, is Alchemy & Balance Coaching?

Alchemy & Balance Coaching is my new life, health, and wellness coaching business geared towards people who need additional guidance in their lives. I am a Certified Life Coach with the American Union of NLP, and have been helping people for years with various struggles ranging from health to spirituality.

My services are ideal for anyone needing coaching in the following areas:

  • Health and wellness
  • Finances
  • Job and career
  • Dating and relationships
  • Spirituality and spiritual crises
  • Sexuality and LGBTQIA related topics and issues
  • Life balance
  • Managing stress

I am known for my capacity to listen without judgment and can guide you towards achieving your own goals and fulfilling your potential. Personal development is the key to all areas of life ranging from running a business to balancing your personal life with family life. Books and audio tapes can be very fruitful for individual growth, but there comes a time when you hit a plateau and need a third party to come in, listen to your problems, and offer you solutions towards solving them.

Currently Alchemy & Balance Coaching is offering services at a grand opening discount, so please stop by and see what I can do for you today.

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