I was gonna write this post earlier but I put it off

I blogged not too long ago about Zen and the Fine Art of Procrastination and some ways around it. There’s the practice, and then there’s the mentality.

Not everyone procrastinates for the same reasons. Some do it because there’s a huge, ugly item and they just DON’T want to do it, so they’re putting it off because they don’t want to. That simple. Other times it’s more like “My to-do list is so long, I’m overwhelmed, I keep getting interrupted by people demanding my attention, I’m fried. I think I’m going to go do something mindless until the headache goes away.”

I usually wind up in the latter camp, the point of reaching such high levels of stress that accomplishing anything is meaningless because I’m too frazzled to focus. Thinking straight at that point is a joke.

When you reach that state, it’s best to find your zen. Just breathe. Take a five minute walk, go meditate, make some tea. I’m drinking a nice blend from Teavana right now.

When I’m done with this blog post (which is one item on my lengthy to-do list), I plan to tackle the rest, fully energized and having had some tea. After all, if I can bite off one item, it means I’ve accomplished something and some of the stress should go away, right? Easy does it.

Signing off from the Land of No More Procrastination.

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