How to handle stress in healthy and productive ways

Stress is something which can make or break our health and overall wellness. When the going takes tough, it’s easy to make the following excuses:

  • I just didn’t have the time.
  • I needed to treat myself after the day I had.
  • I wasn’t in the mood.


I’ve found that exercise and eating well actually reduces my stress and helps me get by on my bad days.

Need time to unwind? Instead of reaching for something unhealthy in order to feel better, why not try the following?

  1. Go out for a walk.
  2. Run it out! Put on your running shoes and get going!
  3. Do some yoga. It’ll both be good exercise AND it’s calming.
  4. Angry? Try some cardio kickboxing. I love Les Mills Combat for giving me my daily dose of punches and kicks!
  5. Hungry? Reach for something tasty, but healthy and nourishing. Bad food will just make you feel worse.
  6. Get high on endorphins from your workout, not alcohol! That glass of wine or bottle of beer won’t help you in the long run.
  7. Drink plenty of water and get extra sleep.

Stress management should be something which eliminates stress versus tacking onto it. You never, ever want to find yourself slipping into bad habits or creating new bad habits due to a bad day.Instead turn it into an incentive to treat both yourself and your body right.

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