Holidays eats and cheats: how to indulge without overindulging

Americans have Independence Day off soon (4th of July), and as an American I’ll be happily joining them to spend time with my family. This is traditionally a time for BBQs, potato salads, potato chips, fries, fried food, desserts, alcohol, and all sorts of food which we probably shouldn’t be eating.

Never fear, I’m here to help! 😀

You have a few options to choose from. Pick one, some, or all:

  1. Only eat healthy food. Make something you know you can eat and bring it with you to whatever event you’re attending in order to share. Make a tasty but healthy Shakeology smoothie so you can fill up on protein and fruit!
  2. Fill up on any healthy salad (greens, no creamy dressings, etc), fruit, and other veggies so you don’t eat too much junk while there.
  3. Make substitutions. Whole wheat pasta salad with a homemade dressing such as lemon, garlic, and olive oil (in moderation) with LOTS of chopped veggies is tasty, simple, and healthy! If you need some oil-free salad dressing recipes, I recommend Happy Herbivore. Oils, as I’ve ranted about before, have absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. You’re better off saving the calories for consuming tasty beer or wine for the 140+ calories anyhow. 😉 I recommend light beers and for wines, dry reds or a dry white. Dry wines have less sugar content.
  4. Eat healthy grill options. Grilled pineapple, veggie kababs, even certain veggie burgers (watch for sodium and fat!) are good, tasty, and healthy. I love grilling portabello mushrooms with red peppers and onions!
  5. If you indulge, do so in moderation and use the above tips to prevent from going too crazy. That way you don’t feel deprived and you ENJOY YOURSELF. Because, after all, this IS a holiday.

I like to do a combination of the above. 🙂 So have fun, wear plenty of sunblock, and remember that even if you DO go overboard not to beat yourself up over it! One day of eating salads doesn’t make you lose weight and one day of bad eating won’t make you gain twenty pounds. It’s called moderation. 🙂

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