Product review: PlantFusion protein powder Cookies and Cream flavor

Until vanilla Shakeology is available in a vegan option, we vegans must get our vanilla fix elsewhere.

I may have the solution.

I obtained PlantFusion’s cookies and cream variety of their protein blend from Vegan Proteins some time ago when it was on sale and never got to try it. I’m usually a chocolate gal by nature but was curious.

I made some tonight using about 10-12 oz of unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk and half a banana.

It did not disappoint. Very smooth, very tasty. It’s hard to find smooth vegan protein powders. Shakeology and Vega One both do an excellent job, and Sunwarrior’s not too bad either.

1 thought on “Product review: PlantFusion protein powder Cookies and Cream flavor

  1. This tastes like plant protein. Not sure what other people expect when ordering it because its going to taste like what its made of. It does have a thicker consistency than whey protein when mixed with liquid, but it doesn't bother me. It's more like a smoothie consistency than sludge. I don't feel that the vanilla is extremely sweet when I mix it with coconut/almond milk, and I personally enjoy the plant protein taste. It doesn't make me bloat or feel heavy and gross like whey protein, and its a great source of protein. Will definitely be re-ordering this again and again.

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