Alchemy Balance Coaching is now here!

Since I started this blog, this has been a combination business/personal blog devoted to my thoughts and feelings on fitness, health, geek related topics, veganism, and other assorted things. While it has links and posts related to my fitness coaching, it hasn’t strictly been about my business–and I prefer it that way.

Along the way, I knew I’d have to come up with a business name and get myself more “official”, and it’s been a slow but thoughtful process. Many names and ideas were contemplated, debated…but I came up with what I felt really sums up my approach and philosophy.

So now I present to you…Alchemy Balance Coaching. 😀

Why Alchemy Balance Coaching? Alchemy is the process of transforming a base into a refined substance, and it accurately describes (in my opinion) the physical and mental process one undergoes on their fitness journey. You are transforming yourself from the inside out. The “balance” part speaks to the idea of keeping your worlds: mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual in harmony in order to become and stay happy and healthy.

The site for my business is a work-in-progress, but here it is:

Alchemy Balance Coaching

Feel free to stop by and learn the ABCs of living a happy and healthy life!

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