Get in shape for the summer – join my 90 day fitness challenge!

It’s that time again, and summer is almost here…so I’m starting another fitness challenge group! We will start Monday, April 1.


1) You must either be doing a Beachbody program (if you don’t have one, you’ll have to buy one through me) and/or Shakeology. There are ways you can get discounts on this, including bundled packages, but only if you buy it from my site! You can access it here:

There’s also a huge sale going on right now for certain challenge pack bundles, and although it’s not on this image, Ultimate Reset is among them:


2) We will have a small, private group on Facebook where we can post what we’re doing daily for accountability and motivation.

3) It will last for 90 days. If your program is a 60 day program, you can either repeat it or do a different program. It’s up to you!

If you want in and/or need more information to decide, either message me on Facebook or if it’s easier, email me at My Facebook profile is

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