Healthy eating tips for the incredibly busy

I’m a software engineer. These blog posts go out because I write them up in advance and schedule them in advance, because like many people, my time is at a premium and I don’t have full control over it.

So how does one eat healthy in an incredibly crazy and busy world?

Here are some of my tips:

  • 1) Cook/prep things you plan to eat often, in bulk, in advance. Things like quinoa and brown rice can be cooked on weekends and keep well in the fridge, and can be added to meals throughout the week.
  • 2) Make extra of things that freeze well, and take them out for convenience lunches. You can do this with soups and stews.
  • 3) Add leafy greens whenever possible. I bring in foods that warm up well and add a container of baby spinach to them, and mix it up well.
  • 4) Make juices and smoothies in the morning and take them with you in a thermos or tupperware container.
  • 5) Bring fruit and cut up veggies to work.
  • 6) Bring a travel blender or juicer to work!

Some fast meals I like to make when I’m either too busy, too lazy, or just am feeling uncreative but still want my healthy, quick eats:

  • 1) Quinoa, beans, salsa. Really, that’s it.
  • 2) Sauteed veggies in coconut oil with brown rice
  • 3) Sauteed or steamed kale
  • 4) Kale or baby spinach with half an avocado and lemon juice for a tasty salad

When in doubt…just bring fruits and veggies…the original fast food. 🙂

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