Water yourself!

I was chatting with my friend the other day who mentioned that she was outside doing some yardwork when she got dizzy, started having headaches, etc. So I asked how much water she had consumed before engaging in physical labor outdoors in ninety degree heat. Not shockingly, the answer was “None” and “iced tea”.

Bad move. Caffeine is a diuretic, and as much as I love tea (points to domain name), it’s not a replacement for water. Many parts of the United States right now are undergoing a heat wave, some places reaching record highs.

So, repeat after me:

  • I will drink my water.
  • Coffee is not water.
  • Tea is not water.
  • Starbucks is not water.
  • Soda is not water.
  • Water is water.
  • I will drink my water.

If you’re waking up in this heat groggy, disoriented, unable to think or focus, tired, maybe a headache…that’s not due to lack of sleep, that’s due to LACK OF HYRDRATION. Drink some water instead of reaching for the crack juice, and I can guarantee you that you will wake up faster and find that you’ll be handling mornings much better than you used to!

Also, don’t gulp large amounts at once! Just pace yourself throughout the day and make sure you’re getting at least as many ounces as half of your body weight. If you’re working out, sweating a lot, dealing with heat–increase that. That’s a good rule of thumb to live by.

A lot of people walk around chronically under low hydration and don’t even know it. This can impact your energy levels, health, digestion…you name it. People can even confuse hunger with thirst! Want to know if you’re really hungry? Drink some water, wait twenty minutes.

This message was brought to you by H, 2, and O….

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