Join my fitness challenge…cheap!

For a limited time, between June 25 and July 31, the following challenge packs will be FREE for the first 30 days as a trial period, only have to pay $14.95 for shipping and handling:

If you decide to keep the challenge pack after the thirty days, you’ll be billed accordingly for the pack. Each pack comes with the workout program including basic equipment, nutrition planner, and fitness guide, Shakeology in your choice of flavor plus bag versus single serving packets, and a 30 day free trial club membership to Team Beachbody. You will also get FREE coaching from me, and those who get the P90X challenge pack have a bonus–you’ll be receiving coaching and additional training from a P90X Certified Coach!

There are ways to earn the money to pay for the pack in 30 days, and I definitely recommend contacting me to find out how.

This is the best opportunity for you both financially and for your health, and I can’t recommend it enough. Take advantage of it while it’s available!

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