Quick weight loss? For real?

First of all, let’s get real. If you want to lose 15 or more pounds, you’re not just talking about a diet or a lose weight quick scheme. You’re talking about a lifestyle change. There are many crazy diets out there, some which work and some which will leave you either with additional health issues or at the very least, gaining back the weight afterwards–and then some.

The problem, therefore, isn’t losing the weight nor how fast you will lose it. It’s maintaining. The grapefruit diet, the HCG diet, Aktins, cayenne pepper and lemon juice diet, or whatever insanity is hot this week diet will NOT teach you how to eat afterward, take care of your body, or figure out what forms and how much physical activity is necessary to both achieve and keep your transformation.

After all, it’s about transformation, right? It’s about transforming YOUR body into what YOU want, feeling good, and being healthy. I am all about being happy and healthy more than I am about whether or not you can fit into xyz size jeans.

The following pieces of information are needed before you can embark on your journey towards achieving your weight loss goal:

    1) Is the goal realistic? Are you looking at wanting to lose 50 lbs in two weeks, or more like 50 lbs in 3-4 months?

    2) Do you know what it will take to lose the weight?

    3) How are you eating now, and what needs to be changed/removed/added for it to be a diet that will FUEL your body and reboot your life?

    4) How are you keeping active now? ARE you keeping active now?

If you’re looking to change your body and your life and don’t know how, I can tell you how. Heck, I can even help you along with your journey towards being fit and happy. I am not a stranger to weight loss or fitness goals; I once lost 100 lbs and went from a size 16 to a size 2.

Caveat: I will ONLY help those who are super serious about wanting results. If you’re fed up and want to transform your world, stop waiting and get started here.

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