Start the day right!

Been reading in a lot of articles lately of the importance of how you begin your morning, and how it sets your tone for the day.

Here are some tips I’ve gleamed from all of them, summed up in one blog post:

    1) Are you starting by rolling out of your bed and checking either the computer or your smartphone for texts, emails, etc? If so, why are you making other people more important than your breakfast? Or getting ready for work or school? Start the day instead with something meaningful for yourself whether it be a 15 minute read of something to aid your personal development, study, meditate–do something for yourself!

    2) What’s your first thoughts? Is it “Ugh, I hate mornings/work/school/Mondays”? If so, that negativity sets the tone for your entire DAY! Try to follow it up with affirmations like “Today is going to be an AWESOME day because I will make it such!” or something to that effect.

    3) If you can, get up an extra 10-15 minutes early for some basic yoga, stretches, or a quick cardio workout. It’ll help get your body in gear and is far better than caffeine any day for waking you up in the morning!

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