Polish that gem!

It’s time for that gem polishing, and that gem is YOU!

What are your biggest strengths? What is it about yourself which you are proud of, have earned and learned, and helps you to get you what you both want and need in life? What do people compliment you the most on?

What are your biggest weaknesses? What has held you back time and time again? What are you presently struggling with? It’s not about “I can’t”, but “I am having difficulty with”. Finding out what are your biggest challenges can help you to grow and overcome them.

Many people embark on a weight loss goal, a fitness goal, a financial goal, and wind up in the same cycles over and over again–losing and gaining, losing and gaining, both in terms of weight AND money and wonder why!

It all comes down to you! If you work on improving your personal skills, you can make great strides on any goal you want. But if you don’t clean up what you need to…you’ll find that these things will have a trickle down effect.

So get going on it, make a list: what are your strong points, what are your weak points? Go get polished!

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