STOP the low carb insanity!!

Carbs are fuel. They provide glucose which is necessary for our brains to function. A low-carb diet is only reasonable for short term, and even in the P90X meal plan it is not recommended for longer than four weeks. And you know what? I TRUST the people who came up with the entire concept of P90X, all the research they poured into it, and how they determined would be the best way to condition your body for that program. And if they say long term low carb is bad, well gee…ya know? 😉

Carbs, like sugar, have been maligned and miscategorized by lumping them all in with the unhealthy varieties. Table sugar is NOT the same as fruit sugar. Healthy carbs include fruit, quinoa, lentils, and whole grains. You can see my earlier rant on that topic for more information on healthy carbs and how fruit is the best, like ever.

Unhealthy carbs include white/refined flour, processed foods, sugar, and other derivatives. How can you tell if a food is healthy? Well, is it rich in micronutrients? Fruit is healthy, oils are not. Read a nutritional label for ANY oil and you tell me if it has any value whatsoever. Ditto with processed sugars. There you go, simple as that. Added sugars in general are just bad, bad, bad. And then there’s “sweetened fruit”. Fruit’s already sweet! Your taste buds must be burnt out to tolerate the mass amounts of sugar and HFCS in your food. Eat real food, detox, stop putting crap into your body!

Stop the madness! FUEL your body with REAL FOOD! In the long run you will not have enough energy for your workouts if you deprive yourself of carbs. Putting your body into a state of ketosis over an extended period of time just isn’t healthy, period. There are plenty of examples out there of people who eat high carb, low fat diets whose bodies have a low percentage of fat and they are extremely fit.

Thankfully people are getting sane and are also weighing in on this issue. But when I see people giving out advice like “only eat 20g of carbs or less per day” as a means of losing fat and gaining muscle, I have to wonder where their brains are. Then I realize…oh yeah, not enough glucose makes you loopy. 😛 And naturally too much of the crappy refined sugars have similar effects.

Ideally, I think an excellent balance of carbs, protein, and fat percentage from calories is 70-15-15. Some go 80-10-10 or even 90-5-5. Heck, even 65-20-15 isn’t all that bad, either. But the bulk of what you eat, calorie-wise, should be from carbs, pure and simple. And that doesn’t mean bread, pasta, and other assorted crap. That means brown rice, quinoa, fruit, lentils, potatoes. Some varieties of bread and pasta are healthier than others, but the bulk of it is junk food and best ignored.

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