How to avoid injury

First of all…good luck with this idea! Injuries if you are very active are almost inevitable at some point or another. You have to take them as learning points and tend to them quickly before they take you out of your fitness regime for lengthy periods of time. I’ve been VERY fortunate, given my level of fitness activity: I have only genuinely been injured as a result of my workouts once, and it was due to not enough conditioning of certain body parts before attempting particular exercises.

I am now going to physical therapy for patellar tendonitis, or “jumper’s knee”. No more jumping jacks in my office for a while. 😉 I have been doing a ridiculous amount of plyometrics in my cardio routines, undoubtedly to the point of overtaining. First it was my knee making a strange crunching sound while doing lunges or sumo squats, and now it will actually get sore and swollen if there’s a lot of jumping, lunges, etc.

Not fun.

I have been informed that had I been running prior to doing all of this crazy plyo, I could’ve strengthened the tendon and the muscles around it, and I would’ve been fine. Because I don’t do running in the winter, I was not in peak physical condition. I had done the Insanity program and stupidly thought I wouldn’t have a problem. However, I had started that particular program after I had already been running for about a month.

Hm. Go figure.

I’ll also need to do more exercises for my calves and quads. Squats will be fab for this, no doubt. And of course, I’ll have to get back into running. Thankfully the weather is good for it since I don’t have a treadmill. 🙂

I expect to limit my cardio to the P90X Kenpo X workout and other cardio programs which don’t implement too much plyo. Ugh, I love plyo. Apparently I unknowingly became a plyo junkie, who knew?? I guess if I jog in place in lieu of the jumping jacks I could be okay.

Doing crazy amounts of exercise is something I’m used to, so it was easy for me to overuse parts of my body that weren’t accustomed to it. I’ll have to learn what is best for warmups, recovery, and strengthening of various muscles so that this won’t happen again. Adding more stretching in between workouts will benefit me as well. What happened to me could happen to anyone, regardless of how in shape you are.

So…learn from me! Overtraining bad. Underconditioning bad. Strength training good. Stretching GOOD. This is why you have proper warmups, cooldowns, and why so many people recommend yoga for flexibility, strength training, and mobility.

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