Throw AWAY your scale!

I’ve seen this problem so often–especially among women–that I feel inclined to write an entire blog post about it.

Repeat after me: “The scale is not my only measure of success.”

This is crucial. I cannot stress this enough. This has nothing to do with feel-good philosophy, it’s just simply fact. Especially if you potentially have one of the following happening:

  • 1) You are doing some form of strength training
  • 2) You are female (water retention is our bane!)
  • 3) You are brand new to an exercise program

Do these three things, do them consistently, and I promise you that you WILL stick to your fitness program and you WILL see results:

  • 1) Take tape measurements. Key is being consistent in where you are taking those measurements. I measure upper arms, waist, bust, thighs, hips. Even if your scale isn’t moving, is moving slowly, or even is increasing slightly, if you’re losing inches it means you’re gaining muscle which has less density than fat. The same pound of muscle takes up less room than a pound of fat.
  • 2) See how your clothes are feeling. Try on ones you haven’t worn in a while. If your clothes fit when previously they haven’t, why care about a number on your scale?
  • 3) Take before, during, and after photos. Your body will reshape itself, and these photos will show you the truth.

And while you’re at it…throw away your scale. 😛 Or at the very least, stop being a slave to it. Follow the above recommendations and stay the course!

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