Second phase of Chalean Extreme, here I come!

I just started the Push phase of Chalene Extreme this week, and I gotta say a few things:

1) Wow.
2) I need some heavier weights.
3) Wow.
4) I can do THAT many slow motion pushups on my toes?
5) Wow.
6) My biceps hurt, that’s new.
7) Wow.

Did I mention the “wow”?

I only have one 25 lb dumbbell, and the 20s aren’t cutting it for me for some of these exercises. For the Push phase, it’s MUCH heavier weights with the goal of failing on the 8th rep. I’m at 15 lbs with biceps, 12 lbs with triceps and counting…and I need at LEAST 25 lbs with deadlifts, maybe even 30.

Yup. I gotta go out and buy me a pair of 30 lb dumbbells. At least I know what to ask for my birthday: gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods. They have good dumbbells there, right? Heavy ones?

I didn’t burn as many calories as I would’ve thought I would’ve burned on Push Circuit 1, but when I think that it’s all of 30 minutes long including the warm up and cooldown…it’s actually not that bad. And I suspect I’ll burn more once I have heavier weights.

In the meantime…pushing play, going out for brisk walks and running. It’s all good! 🙂

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