These shoes are made for walkin’ miles…and I’ve got 60 days before I walk 39.3 of them!

So far I’ve walked 6 miles on Saturday, another 6 on Sunday. Had I had more time, I would’ve done at least 10 per day. I got in a few miles here and there yesterday due to the lovely weather outside, and plan to go for another lunch walk today. This is addition to all the workouts I’m doing with Chalean Extreme plus the occasional run.

It’s 60 days before the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer here in Boston. My goal is to raise $1800 and so far I’ve raised $242. I know I can do it. I started my fundraising late last year due to two layoffs and was in a similar position this year, and still made my goal.

I tell people that every bit counts. My $2000 raised last year was filled to the brim with numerous $10 donations. I’ve even been giving away free samples of Shakeology with people’s donations.

I’m walking up a storm now because as I’ve often said, walking is the most underrated exercise ever. I’ll also need my feet to be in good shape to walk that marathon the first day and the half marathon the second.

Where do all of the fundraising dollars go? To low income cancer patients, breast cancer research, and for mammogram exams. That’s just the beginning. To see the entire list, go visit this link.

The Avon Foundation also does NOT support animal testing. Here’s the scoop straight from their FAQ:

Effective Nov. 1, 2001, the policy of the Avon Foundation is that no funds will be used to support breast cancer research projects involving the use of animals. The Avon Foundation limits its research funding to clinical studies, human cell culture, and epidemiologic studies. Avon Foundation funding may not be used to fund studies involving animals. Our guidelines apply only to studies funded by the Avon Foundation and do not impact other research underway at these same institutions.

It’s a wonderful cause that helps out so many people from different walks of life…no pun intended. 🙂 I’ll undoubtedly be nursing my share of blisters after the event and will hobble into work that Monday. It’ll be my third Avon Walk, and every one is a treasure. I’m looking forward to it, and plan to do it as long as I have legs that work!

To view my progress and/or donate to my Avon Walk, go visit this link:

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