I’m walking 39.3 miles in two days to help fight breast cancer!

I’m walking 39.3 miles in two days to help fight breast cancer! May 19-20th of this year I am joining a group of people who will be walking a lengthy distance to help raise both money and awareness to help fight breast cancer.

I’m walking on behalf of many people including: my grandmother, who was lucky enough to get her breast cancer detected early and has been fine since, and two friends of mine who were not so fortunate–they had double mastectomies. And even less fortunate than my friends was my aunt, who died of this terrible disease. Women’s health is a huge concern and issue of mine, and this year I am once again putting my feet towards the cause!

Part of the reason why I got into the Beachbody programs was to help me get into my best shape for the walk. I did my first walk in 2010, and this year will be my third walk. So long as I have legs that work and this disease is still around I plan to continue to do so! I really hope that anyone who is reading my blog will consider assisting me by either donating any amount of money they can spare or will pass along my URL to others. Either way, you are helping me and many others and I thank you for it!

The link to donate is here:


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