Plateaus and how to break them

Fitness plateaus! How are they caused? How do you break them?

I’ve found that they usually are caused by one of the following:

      Eating too many calories
      Not eating enough calories. Yes, as I’ve covered in past blog posts, if you’re putting your body into starvation mode it’ll hang onto the fat.
      Not eating the right foods
      Not exercising enough
      Exercising too much, ie overtraining
      Doing the same exercise, over and over again. Your body adapts! It’s smart. You gotta be smarter than it! Do different workouts, don’t put all of your exercise eggs in one basket.
      For women, that “time of the month”. Trying to lose weight and the scale won’t budge? Wait until the end of the cycle, then watch it all go away!
      Not drinking enough water.
      Only weighing yourself versus taking measurements. This isn’t a plateau, it’s fat burning and muscle gain! If you’re losing inches and pant sizes, who cares what your scale says? THROW YOUR SCALE AWAY!

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