That isn’t sweat, that’s my body crying…

Just finished up with the Burn Intervals workout of the Chalean Extreme program. I absolutely love this workout; I’ve been referring to it as “P90X only sadistically creative”. You’re not only pumping heavy weights in numerous ways and reps and pushups, you’re also doing lunges and other such movements! I’m up to 25 lbs for deadlifts, weakest muscle is still my delts. I’m working on graduating from the 8 pounders to the 10s in those.

After a loooong day of pouring over a very overly convoluted database and its data, working out is probably the only thing that truly destresses me. It’s like all of the strung out, stressed out energy is just drained away, leaving me with a much happier body–and mind!

When I’m done with Chalean Extreme, I plan to do another round of it but hybridized with Turbo Fire. My goal is to get into shape for P90X2–which from what I’ve heard is NOT a workout to be underestimated. I’ve done P90X alone, with Insanity, and with Turbo Fire and I’m already nervous at diving in. Eep!

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