I won AWESOME vegan fitness stuff! :D

During the entire month of January, the Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness forum held a contest: if you updated your fitness diary on the site for at least 5 days per week with your workouts and health progress, you’d win a prize package of free awesome vegan fitness stuff!

Well, I was one of those who won. And WOW, check out the loot! I THINK I got it all in the photo, lol:

Obviously they read my blog, as they included entirely RAW foods, supplements, and even a recipe book in there! I think I scared my cats when I squeed. 😀 I even got a nice handwritten thank you card from Robert Cheeke for my participation. Seriously, they went all out on this one. I’m beyond awed.

Thanks to Robert Cheeke and the AWESOME folks at VBB&F for my prize package!!

2 thoughts on “I won AWESOME vegan fitness stuff! :D

  1. I have been reading alot of good things about the vitamineral green and earth.been using the last couple days since i got my package..Robert and everyone else really put their heart and soul into this.

    • Never tried any of them before, but now I'll definitely have to! And even the multivitamin I got was raw, awesome. 😀 The bottle broke but I save spare vitamin bottles to store my own herbal pills in, so I should be okay there. They REALLY stuffed that box!

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