Exercise, schedules, and time crunches

If you’re like me, you’re burning your candle on all ends–and even creating new ends to burn from. You may have a day job, family, a social life, and day to day responsibilities which require your attention. You try to do it all, but in the end you KNOW there are things that aren’t getting done which need getting done, and you feel helpless trying to do it.

Routines can both be wonderful and awful at the same time. Any slip and you’re completely out of sync and flailing. I just started a new one and find myself struggling to fit in my usual exercise routine. Allergy shots, errands, clients, and installing necessary software on my computer for work all get in the way, and before I know it it’s 11pm and I’m yawning, due to be up in less than eight hours.

Here are my suggestions based on past experience:

1) Have a to-do list and update it regularly. Don’t put ANYTHING on there which doesn’t need to get done. Otherwise you’ll find yourself not taking your list seriously and blowing it off–not to mention the long list will just look overwhelming. Have a set time per day to update that list or create a new one for the following day. I use ColorNote on Droid, and you can schedule lists on specific days on your calendar on it, too!

2) Find a set time to workout each day and make it sacred. Only have ten minutes? You can still work in a ten minute workout and it not only will get results, but ten minutes is sure as hell better than zero.

3) Budget your time daily. Toss out the time wasters such as Facebook and other social media. Figure out what you have time for, what is a must, and what can be sacrificed.

Just a few suggestions from me. Hope they help!

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