The tea-addicted geek talks about…tea.

My online handle (TeaAddictedGeek) often inspires the following question: “What are your favorite teas?”

I would have to go with green tea (especially jasmine green), Earl Grey, chai, and various blends from Teavana–which is sadly now closed. These days I get blends from either the Republic of Tea (I’m hugely fond of their double dark chocolate mate), T2 (New York Breakfast with Just Cinnamon is my jam), or I pick up some tea from Starbucks in jade citrus mint.

Depending on the tea I like it as is, or I’ll add both stevia and almond milk. The double dark chocolate mate from Republic of Tea or the T2 New York Breakfast tea I typically have with both stevia and vanilla flavored unsweetened almond milk. They go well with vanilla flavored soy milk, too.

Tea is also very good for you. Studies have shown that green tea can help lower cholesterol, burn fat, and may even have cancer fighting properties.

So, drink up! Tea is squee. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The tea-addicted geek talks about…tea.

  1. My mom's been drinking A LOT of green tea for its fat-burning properties. Personally, I can't stand green tea (or maybe I just don't know how to properly brew it? Who knows), but I'm /all over/ English Breakfast tea. Specifically Ahmad Tea's English Breakfast. It's awesome.

    There are plenty of cheap-ish teas I love, too; Dr Oetker—at least here in Brazil—makes some really nice ones (their India tea is marvellous—black tea with honey, fennel, spices, and vanilla!). And of course, peppermint, mate (with guaraná, woohoo), etc etc etc.

    Tea is awesome 8D

    • Of course tea is awesome. <3

      Green tea is something which is really, really delicate. If you overbrew it, it tastes ridiculously bitter. It shouldn't be steeped for more than 1-2 minutes. Personally I love jasmine green because it's a nice light, floral taste.

      I'm all over Twining's Earl Grey, and the fresher, the better. If I can smell the bergamot through the package I'm in heaven and it MUST BE MINE.

      Mint tea is fab for soothing my stomach when it troubles me. It also blends nicely with green tea. 🙂

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