My love/hate relationship with WoW’s death knights.

Am I the only one who is completely stuck on this particular quest: Seriously, I have died a billion times and am running out of gold to repair my armor.

I absolutely love the complexity and storyline of the Death Knights (plus my Acherus Deathcharger kicks ass), but this quest is beating me to a pulp. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to avoid enemy fire and the one time I tried to swoop down to eat one of the fallen soldiers, I somehow got on the ground and dismounted as a result. Instant death!

I hear there’s a trick to firing on the people below without dying, but I find myself out of the arena and then forced off and onto enemy lines. One time this happened and I wound up on the wall. Only waiting until my stone recharged so I could get back and restart the quest allowed me to get off the wall without dying.

I’ve tried Googling and looking at the forums, seems a lot of people struggled with this one but some claimed it was easy. I think they either cheated or made a pact with a WoW demon. 😛

Oh well. In the meantime, I’m playing around with a new Draenei Shaman.


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