VegaSport: Initial review

So far I have tried the following new products from Sequel Naturals in the VegaSport line:

  • * Recovery accelerator – tropical flavor
  • * Protein bar – chocolate saviseed
  • * Protein bar – chocolate coconut

I ordered them from Vegan Proteins, a fab website online run by fellow vegans into sports and fitness. I’ve always heard about recovery drinks, either the ones put out by P90X or the ones people make on their own, but never really managed to give them a shot. I’ll also admit to being a wholehearted Vega fangirl. Their Whole Meal Optimizer and my recipes for both it and their vanilla flavored sports protein have sustained me through many an excellent breakfast smoothie, post-workout shake, or self-made raw protein bar.

So needless to say I was thrilled when I heard they were developing a sports performance system line that continued their exploration of whole foods, plant-based nutrition. There are a lot of sports supplements and performance products I can’t have because they typically contain some form of dairy protein or other animal product, and it’s pretty frustrating. As someone who works out pretty intensely I like being able to beef up (oh, what an odd phrase for a vegan to use!) my regime by using products to help me out and perform better.

The recovery accelerator in tropical flavor is pretty tasty. I also found that it helped me after my workout and I was NOWHERE near as sore as I was prior to taking it. The first few weeks of a new fitness program can be tough, and it’s in my experience that P90X keeps raising the bar. So I was pretty happy to add this to my workouts. Take it within the first 20 minutes after the workout is over, it makes the difference. I waited too long to drink mine after my Legs and Back and I’m feeling it. I won’t make that mistake next week, that’s for sure….

Now I get to the protein bars. As I tweeted to a few vegan bodybuilders plus the Vega Team, I’m convinced they’ve put some form of addictive substance in these things. They do NOT taste like a health food bar. In fact, both the chocolate saviseed and the chocolate coconut bar taste better than pretty much every candy bar I’ve ever had. WOW. 240 calories and 15g of protein a piece, and the sugar content is actually not that bad. I keep reading the nutritional label over and over again, wondering if I’ve missed something. They’re just that good. I really recommend them.

I have samples for the endurance gel and electrolyte hydrator but haven’t yet tried them. Once I do, I’ll report on those too. I wonder how the endurance gel will help me get through the P90X Plyo….

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