The fine art of meal preparation for health and wealth

Three things often curse the standard meal:

  1. Budget
  2. What you eat
  3. How much you eat

It’s not too difficult to see where the three can each impact each other. And sometimes that all standby of “time” can be a factor, too.

I’ve recently discovered something wonderful that has allowed my meals to be in budget, controlled my food portions, and made making healthy meals fun with very little effort, and it’s called a bento box.

Bento boxes are a Japanese version of a lunch box, and pretty easy to come by here in the West, too. You can order them at places like Amazon for anywhere between $10-30 depending on how fancy you wanted it, how large, how many compartments, etc. I got mine online from Lock and Lock. It comes with its own bag and has two containers, one of which is divided into three sections.

Some bento boxes can get really fancy, but if you don’t have that kind of time, I recommend preparing a bunch of things on a weekend then mixing and matching them throughout the week. Experiment!

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