Go PINK for a good cause!

Because of all of the people who want the vegan tropical strawberry Shakeology samples and since I’ll only have about 24 of them to start (down to 19 and counting!), I’ve decided to do the following:

Donate any amount of $5 or more on my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer page, contact me with your mailing address, and I will send you a sample in the mail. If you’re local, you obviously don’t have to worry about having it mailed. 😉 Also, once the samples are gone, they are GONE…so first come, first serve!

Go PINK in honor of the new vegan Shakeology and support a good cause! 😀

Donation page is here: http://www.avonwalk.org/goto/TeaAddictedGeek

What inspires you?

When your get up and go has got up and left, what inspires you to get back into the game? This goes for pretty much anything you’re committed to, whether it’s fitness or some form of art such as writing, music, etc.

I find that certain books and YouTube videos help me. There are various people in the vegan community whom I find to be very inspirational in my fitness pursuits, and reading their blogs and watching their YouTube videos helps me to shake off the funk and get back in the ring. Other times it’s remembering how I feel after. Exercise make me feel good. If it didn’t, I don’t know how or why I would do it!

What inspires you? Feel free to chime in with your thoughts, ideas, books, movies, blogs…you name it!

Get the new Shakeology, win cool stuff!

Okay, now here’s YOUR chance to win nifty cool stuff.

For those of you who have eagerly awaited the arrival of tropical strawberry Shakeology (which is vegan! yay), the first five people to order it from me will receive a choice of one of the following:

1) $25 eGift card to Team Beachbody
2) A bottle of Beachbody’s Slimming formula supplement, contains green tea extracts!
3) A DVD of Forks Over Knives

To order and have a chance to win a cool prize, go here to order and/or learn more about Shakeology.

PS I’m only having this offer available until March 15th, so hurry! 🙂

I won AWESOME vegan fitness stuff! :D

During the entire month of January, the Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness forum held a contest: if you updated your fitness diary on the site for at least 5 days per week with your workouts and health progress, you’d win a prize package of free awesome vegan fitness stuff!

Well, I was one of those who won. And WOW, check out the loot! I THINK I got it all in the photo, lol:

Obviously they read my blog, as they included entirely RAW foods, supplements, and even a recipe book in there! I think I scared my cats when I squeed. 😀 I even got a nice handwritten thank you card from Robert Cheeke for my participation. Seriously, they went all out on this one. I’m beyond awed.

Thanks to Robert Cheeke and the AWESOME folks at VBB&F for my prize package!!

Exercise, schedules, and time crunches

If you’re like me, you’re burning your candle on all ends–and even creating new ends to burn from. You may have a day job, family, a social life, and day to day responsibilities which require your attention. You try to do it all, but in the end you KNOW there are things that aren’t getting done which need getting done, and you feel helpless trying to do it.

Routines can both be wonderful and awful at the same time. Any slip and you’re completely out of sync and flailing. I just started a new one and find myself struggling to fit in my usual exercise routine. Allergy shots, errands, clients, and installing necessary software on my computer for work all get in the way, and before I know it it’s 11pm and I’m yawning, due to be up in less than eight hours.

Here are my suggestions based on past experience:

1) Have a to-do list and update it regularly. Don’t put ANYTHING on there which doesn’t need to get done. Otherwise you’ll find yourself not taking your list seriously and blowing it off–not to mention the long list will just look overwhelming. Have a set time per day to update that list or create a new one for the following day. I use ColorNote on Droid, and you can schedule lists on specific days on your calendar on it, too!

2) Find a set time to workout each day and make it sacred. Only have ten minutes? You can still work in a ten minute workout and it not only will get results, but ten minutes is sure as hell better than zero.

3) Budget your time daily. Toss out the time wasters such as Facebook and other social media. Figure out what you have time for, what is a must, and what can be sacrificed.

Just a few suggestions from me. Hope they help!